Chair of the Canada China Trade Innovation Alliance (CCTIA)




Jaclyn has over 24 years of experience in international business; she has developed, promoted and exported products and supported the exchange of environmental projects and technology, creating lasting relationships.


Jaclyn worked as an exporter for over 8 years with China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation (Hebei), COFCO, China’s largest food processing, manufacturing and trading company. She also worked at Sears Canada, in charge of sourcing international home and hardline products.  She exports/imports Agri-food, housewares, transportation equipment, etc. to over 20 countries and distributed housewares to 100 chain stores in Canada. Jaclyn is committed to promoting trade and investment between Canada and China and Canada’s advanced environmental protection technology cooperation projects overseas.


In April 2015, Jaclyn joined the delegation with Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in travelling to China.  In November 2015 and 2017, she was invited to join the Ontario Premier’s Business Mission to China to promote cooperation between Canada and China in science and technology.  In March 2018, Jaclyn was awarded the ‘Leading Women Building Communities’ award for her exceptional community leadership for improving the lives of girls and women in Ontario, Canada.