Enabling Companies to Connect Internationally

How PacificTrade.Global has enabled Companies to Connect Internationally.

PacificTrade.Global is one of the international organizations that have positively impacted the lives of Entrepreneurs internationally by allowing them to connect, exchange ideas, and come up with solutions for their businesses.


PacificTrade.Global was established in the year 2015 by Carolina Vasquez, whose experience in international trade goes over twenty years. It is 100% owned by women who have strategically laid down goals to new markets, strategies to achieve the entrepreneurial visions for all traders in the international world, which has led to an extensive experience in international trade consultancy working with entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies, developing strong connections in Canada and Latin America. 


Depending on the need of each business, the company can tailor to make information that best suits each company. This depends on the financial capability, the type of business, and also the timelines expected to meet with the goals of each company.


Among the activities that it is involved in include participating in international events and trade shows, commercial trade missions, benchmarking of businesses in a particular year, and giving strategies to jumpstart a company to achieve its export goals and also managing small and medium enterprises to reach the next level of increased revenue. Having had positive interactions, PacificTrade.Global can connect and advise the young entrepreneurs on the business plans, market entry strategies, Customs regulations, Supply Chain, Logistics, among other needs in the export process. This has made it appealing to customers who have all along wished to be associated with PacificTrade.Global, and this is what has made it popular internationally.

PacificTrade.Global Marketplace

Among many other services, PacificTrade.Global provides a unique digital platform oriented to entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies looking to promote their products or services, some of the reasons that have made it more appealing is that:

  • No transaction fees are needed to connect to international suppliers.
  • One can communicate directly with the suppliers- no agents in between, and as such, wholesale costs are reduced.
  • Able to access a wide variety of goods around the world.

How all the above have been made a success.

By connecting with PacificTrade.Global, every company starts with a vision. When PacificTrade.Global was established; its main aim was to create connections in the international world and ensure that entrepreneurs' space is stress-free. This has been made a success through;

International Trade Consultancy

At PacificTrade.Global, we offer consultancy services to Canadian and International Small and Medium-sized enterprises all around the globe through strategic advice and ongoing guidance that best suits the business to boost global reach in a strategic and efficient way.


Our qualified team of professionals has the ability to connect with other organizations, companies, and professionals in international trade, providing advice in logistics, market entry strategies, commercial strategies, business to business meeting, marketing activities among others. This is done to enable companies to achieve their goals and realize areas of weaknesses and come up with strategies that could avert the negative trends.

Marketing Activities

Since 2015, our organization has established connections and has been working with entrepreneurs and organizations on marketing activities in Toronto, Canada.


In 2018, the organization put together a yearly conference so both Canadians and international delegates can come together to create opportunities to share not only services and merchandise but also education and camaraderie.


The Pacific Trade Show is our annual event organized as an international program and a platform looking to bring together knowledge and connections to support entrepreneurs that are interested in learning more about international trade with the final outcome that is EXPORT.


By doing so, Entrepreneurs interact, exchange contacts, including their online leads, and afterward, they can connect their businesses.


We are also a great supporter of women in business and have created some unique programs for women business owners to not only participate in this experience but create opportunities to explore other markets.


Our theme for 2020: “Creating Connections for International Trade Opportunities Globally” aims to provide practical advice, invaluable resources, and the contacts needed to help companies in the export process.

A breaking news hub

Being up to date with the international trade news is of paramount importance to benchmark one's business. PacificTrade.Global has not been left out when it comes to communicating on any trending news on international trade and resources available to help companies grow their businesses. As such, Entrepreneurs are up to date with global happenings, which enable them to make decisions on which trend to adopt. 


All in all, connecting with PacificTrade.Global has been one of the achievements that entrepreneurs continue to uphold and enjoy their connections while getting all the information.  To learn more about our organization, visit www.pacifictrade.global and sign up to our newsletter.


Carolina and her team are already excited for The Pacific Trade Show 2020 on October 15 (learn more about and register for this exciting event here), and the platform to connect is ready. The invitation is open to everyone to join this exciting international business event.

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