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FRUTALDESA is a young company in the Ecuadorian market that is dedicated to the export of tropical fruits in different presentations: dehydrated fruit, frozen fruit pulp, and fresh fruit. Oriented to offer a quality product and comply with international standards, having as institutional principles, the care of the environment and social responsibility.

Berenice Dela, CEO, and Pedro Cargua, General Manager, seek to bring Ecuadorian fruits, known for their excellent flavor, to different parts of the world. BPM, Kosher and HACCP certifications for some of their products.

Conventional and organic products, all sown and harvested by Ecuadorian farmers in extremely rich and fertile lands. Ecuadorian fruits are recognized in the world for their flavor and nutritional value.


Fruit Pulps

100% natural fruit It does not contain water, sugar, dyes or preservatives. The pulp is extracted complying with good manufacturing practices (BPM), and offered according to the following processes:


Frozen Pulps

They facilitate the preparation of juices or other uses since there is not the usual process with the fruit, wash, cut and peel before using or dispose of peels and seeds after use.


Aseptic pulps

The pasteurized pulp is kept in the environment and has a shelf life of one year. The pulp is subjected to a continuous thermal flow process, at a temperature of 100°C for 115 seconds, which ensures the efficient destruction of bacterial spores resistant to heat, then an immediate cooling to room temperature and an aseptic filling in the bag. sterile, with a barrier to light and oxygen, preserving the flavor, aroma and physicochemical and nutritional characteristics of the fruit.

Our company Frutaldesa seeks to comply with the highest indices of

product quality and social responsibility.

What is the biggest challenge for your company to go global?

The major challenge has been to find customers in different countries.  We currently export to China and Italy.

 We have participated in international trade shows looking for an opportunity to expand our business, like Macrorrueda de Negocios in June 2019, and Korea LAC Business Summit and Pacific Trade Show in October 2019.


How was your experience at The Pacific Trade Show under the “Women & Business Contest” in Toronto, Canada?

It caught my attention because it is aimed at women entrepreneurs from Latin America.  I have seen many women-led companies who strive to bring their business ideas to move forward, we have a lot of passion for what we do, and I think that makes us go the extra mile. I got a lot of information about market trends in Canada.


What advice would you give to a company led by women looking for opportunities in the international market?

My advice would be to never stop, even though their efforts seem to be without results, reaching international markets takes time, effort and money. It is necessary to know our product thoroughly and if it will be accepted in the market we want to reach, with proper market research.

Want to connect with Berenice?

Website:        frutaldesa.com.ec

Linkedin:       Comercializadora Frutaldesa
Marketplace: Frutaldesa


The Pacific Trade Show is our annual event organized as an international program and a platform looking to bring together knowledge and connections to support entrepreneurs that are interested in learning more about international trade with the final outcome that is EXPORT.

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